A Weekend in the Woods: Part 2

It’s been about a week and a half since our first blog post and we are very excited to get started on this series! In this collection of photos, you will discover an awakening of sorts.

The first photo session that we had in our weekend in the woods was set in the morning, lounging and waking up to what the day brings. The crisp cool air brought life to our bones and our wardrobe. Denim, joggers, and graphic tees make up the menswear from Grayson Home & Nomad Boutique, while a chiffon floral kimono and comfy sweaters don the women from Frolic Vintage & Nomad. The soft colors make up a visual of relaxation and comfort as well as whimsy with our fury prop. Enjoy this collection while breathing in this cool March air and dream of your adventure in the woods.

Side note: All retail stores that donated to our photo shoot are located in downtown Springfield, MO. Look them up and check them out!

Like our collection? Keep watch next week for our afternoon exploration.

Photo Editing: Conor Tierney

Styling: Shaun McCaulla


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