A Weekend in the Woods: Part 4

On this crisp March day, our weekenders come together for robust conversation while donning their most casual lux outfits. In this collection of photos, you will find elegant accessories and various garment forms that combine to make a coordinating silhouette.

Our third photo session was taken in the cabin in the woods that Grayson Home let us use for our backdrop. Large leather sofas and comfy printed armchairs created a warm sensation for our weekenders relaxation needs. Red tones spoke throughout the aesthetic environment while neutral colors highlighted the accessories. The women came to the speaking circle wearing garments and accessories from Nomad Boutique, Frolic Vintage, & Decades. The men wore coats and pullovers from Grayson that embodied comfort. Get lost in the warmth of the conversation and cuddle up next to the fire while scrolling through this cabin in the woods shoot. Enjoy!

Side note: All retail stores that donated to our photo shoot are located in downtown Springfield, MO. Look them up and check them out!

Like our collection? Check in next week for our feast in the woods.

Photo Editing: Conor Tierney

Styling: Shaun McCaulla


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